Our Material Development Process

An Idea is Born

Our SLPs and OTs share their ideas in a brainstorming session with the creative team. During the meeting, they share therapy materials that would be beneficial with current clients and give suggestions on the best formats for the materials, such as activities that require minimal prep time.

We Take the Best Ideas

Out of all of the ideas, the team chooses the activities that could be the most widely used and beneficial for a range of clinicians. Our goal is to offer high-quality products that can also be used by many therapists in different settings. The creative team collaborates with the clinicians to build out the ideas.

Design Team Creates Mockup

The creative team will take the next steps to create the layout, decide on a color scheme, find images that fit the activity, and more! Think of this as the first draft of the products you see in our store.

Therapists Give Feedback

Once the design team presents the first draft, our therapists review the materials to make sure they are accurate and functional from a clinical perspective, as well as fun and engaging (kids learn best when they are having fun!).

Revise & Repeat

We want to ensure we are providing the highest quality materials, which means our activities often go through multiple rounds of edits with the creative team and therapists. We do not add our materials to the vault until we are 100% confident in the content, design, and quality.

Panel Discussion

Before the product enters the final stages, the creative team and therapists meet to work through the details and make any necessary revisions to the materials before they enter the "test phase."

Test Drive Material

After the panel discussion between the creative team and therapists, one of the therapists will use the therapy material during an actual session with a client. This allows the team to assess the effectiveness of the material and whether it would be helpful to make any other changes.

Finalize & Approve

After any final changes are added (if necessary), the creative team will assemble the final version of the product before it is available for download from our vault.