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These calendars for articulation sounds are the perfect tool for targeting expressive and receptive language and kicking boredom to the curb! This resource features calendars for 14 sounds, plus a generalizable calendar for any sound of your choice. Because they’re customizable, you can use these calendars for any month of any year. This material is ideal for home practice or for any therapy session!

What’s Included?

  • Six customizable calendars for every month and year for the following articulation sounds:
    • T, D, and N (e.g., Finish the sentence! “My favorite dinosaur is ___.”)
    • B, P, and M (e.g., Sing the song, Baby Bumblebee!)
    • K and G (e.g., Make a grocery list with Mom or Dad. List foods that start with K!)
    • F and V (e.g., Joke! J: What did one volcano say to the other? A: I lava you!)
    • S and Z (e.g., What doesn’t belong? Fish, zebra, dolphin, whale.)
    • R (e.g., Ask Mom or Dad, “Have you ever seen a rattlesnake?”)
  • A “My special sound is…” calendar for general activities incorporating any sound of choice.
    • Examples include:
      • Say your sound 10 times with the “oo” sound after it.
      • Go for a walk outside. Can you find something that starts with your sound?
  • Patterned rectangles for pasting over inapplicable calendar days


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