Articulation Short Stories: Target /sh/, /ch/, and /j/

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Short Story, Speech Therapy, Activities, Articulation




Come along with Shelly, Sheldon, Charlie, Jake, and Jodi for a fun and interactive read-aloud activity! Alongside 3 short stories, this resource includes reading comprehension questions, as well as sentence and word lists targeting /sh/, /ch/, and /j/ across all positions. This packet incudes a total of 51 different sentences and a total of 258 words!


What’s Included:

  • 3 Articulation Short Stories
    • Shelly and Sheldon Make a Shake!, Charlie Chicken’s Cheerful Day!, and Jake and Jodi’s Magic Show!
  • Sentence Lists targeting /sh/, /ch/, and /j/ (total of 51 sentences)
  • Word Lists for /sh/, /ch/, and /j/ (93 words for /sh/, 75 words for /ch/, and 90 words for /j/)


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