Autumn Leaves Sorting Activity

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Do you feel that? Fall is in the air! Getting into the autumn spirit with this fun and versatile resource. Kiddos can throw, find, pick up, and sort the different leaves in this activity, and learn all about shapes, colors, and numbers while doing so!

  • Leaf Pick-Up: To target gross and fine motor skills, simply toss the leaves in the air (or have your kiddo toss them in the air) and have your child or client pick the leaves up.
  • Leaf Pick-Up: Sorting: Same as above, but specify which leaves you’d like your kiddo to receive (ex. Pick up all the leaves with the numbers on them, find the leaf with a square on it, pick up the green, yellow, and purple leaves)
  • Leaf Sorting: To target sorting and fine motor specifically: At a table or desk, place the leaves in a pile and have your kiddo sort the leaves into their different categories. 

Categories include: shapes, numbers, and colors.

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