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Speech Therapy, Activities, Language
Seasonal Activities, Summer



TMV’s Basic Concept Concept Bundle Practice functions as an engaging summer activity that helps children master the following concepts:

  • Temporal:
    • First, Next, Last
    • First, Second, Third
    • Before and After
    • Beginning, Middle, End
  • Spatial:
    • In Front of and Behind
    • On Top and On Bottom
    • Over and Under
    • In and On
    • Closest to and Farthest from
  • Qualitative
    • Big or Little
    • Separate or Together
  • Quantitative
    • All or None
    • One or All
    • More or Less/Fewer

Want to test out this product? Try our Summer Temporal Concept Practice Freebie!


  1. 5 out of 5

    This is great! A variety of concepts are addressed. Thanks for including the list of concepts in the product description.

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