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If you’re new to digital resources, new to the field of occupational therapy, or simply looking to strike a deal on some of TMV’s customer favorites, this bundle is for you! This Basic Essentials Bundle features 7 of our most helpful and highly rated occupational therapy resources. From getting started with a brand new client to expanding upon goals and skill areas already underway, this bundle has something for everyone!

This bundle includes 7 products and is valued at $37.50.

Follow the individual instruction pages for ways to prepare and use each material!

What’s Included?

  • Get to Know Your Therapist Worksheet ($2)
    • Featuring worksheets for occupational therapists, physical therapists, and teachers.
  • Developmental Milestones Handout ($1.50)
    • A comprehensive guide to fine & visual motor skills, gross motor skills, and self-care skills for children ages 0-6
  • Social Story: I Can Work with an OT! ($10)
    • A social story with descriptive imagery for understanding the process of a new evaluation for occupational therapy
  • Executive Function Activity Set ($8)
    • A comprehensive and fun way to target inhibition, attention, task initiation, flexibility, goal-directed behavior, and more executive functioning skills
  • Body Awareness Cards ($7)
    • Over 50 cards of 3 difficulty levels for targeting motor planning, bilateral coordination, and spatial awareness
  • Dot Marker Worksheets: Safari Edition ($4)
    • Collection of worksheets for targeting sensory regulation and feedback, proprioceptive input, and addressing applied force or pressure
  • Sensory Diet Starter Kit ($5)
    • A tool to help facilitate a child’s ability to identify their sensory state and select a strategy to self-regulate


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