Book Companion: Dancing Feet!

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Speech Therapy, Activities, Articulation, Language




Welcome to Therapy Materials Vault’s book companion for Dancing Feet! This bundle includes fun activities for SLPs to target a wide range of speech and language goals while reading the book, Dancing Feet! written by Lindsey Craig and illustrated by Marc Brown. 

What’s Included?

The following activities: 

  • Sentence Strip and Visual Prompts: Target pronouns, increasing utterances, and answering developmentally appropriate WH- questions
  • Visuals and First, Then, Last Board: Target sequencing and story retelling 
  • Picture Scene and Icons: Target prepositions and following 1-step and 2-step directions containing targeted concept vocabulary (i.e., descriptive, quantitative, spatial, time/sequence) 
  • Animal Footprint Mats: Target imitating actions and 1-step directions
  • Articulation Dot Marker Worksheets: Target S and K blends


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