Calm, Quiet Body Card Collection

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Occupational Therapy, Activities




Build self-regulation and calming strategies using these fun, easy-to-use Calm, Quiet Body Cards! This occupational therapy activity includes a variety of cards to help children self-regulate and have calm, quiet bodies. If children are over-responsive or under-responsive to their environments, these cards provide visuals with different ideas for calming activities. The cards are designed in collaboration with pediatric occupational therapists to improve sensory processing and practice calm, quiet bodies when feeling dysregulated.

How to Prepare and Use:

  • Print on heavy card stock or laminate for long-term use. Cut out each card using easy cut lines.
  • Hole punch the top left corner and put on a binder ring for increased ease of use (optional).
  • These cards are perfect to use when children are feeling dysregulated in their environments due to being over-responsive or under-responsive to sensory input (e.g., sounds, light) in their environments. Use these cards to show your child options to help them return to a calm state.


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