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Speech Therapy, Activities, Language




Coming up with categories and related items can be challenging (for clients and therapists alike)! These Category Flashcards are the perfect addition to your speech sessions. Use these cards to help your clients practice their best expressive language!

What’s Included?

  • 24 category cards
  • 240 related items (10 per category)

How to Prepare and Use?

  1. Print on heavy cardstock or laminate for durability.
  2. When printing, select “Actual Size and print double sided on the short edge.
  3. Cut along the centerline to make individual cards.
  4. Hold up the card with the items facing you and the category name facing the client.
  5. Prompt your child to list items within that category (e.g., “Tell me 4 things that are hot!”).
  6. If your client struggles to generate objects in the category, show them the card, point to an image, and ask, “What is this?”.


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