Chirpy’s Song (Story on Stuttering)

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Short Story, Speech Therapy, Fluency




This is a story for clients and children who experience stuttering.
The purpose of this book is to create a positive outlook on stuttering, as well as to provide an entertaining story about being confident with your voice and around others.

Chirpy’s Song is about a bird named Chirpy, who loves to sing. However, his stutter makes it difficult for him to sing like the other birds.
The story is about how Chirpy meets a girl who stutters and both realize that their song and words are important.

“The birds at Melody Park like to sing. Their songs are so beautiful, they can cheer up even the grumpiest of grumps.” (page 1)
“Chirpy tries everything to make his songs smoother. He takes deep breaths, slows down, and starts over from the beginning.” (page 6-7)
“Mom! Dad! That bird sounds just like me!” (page 17)
“Their songs aren’t always smooth, and they aren’t perfect either. However, each song is important, and there is always someone who will love it will all of their heart.” (page 21)

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