Classroom Yoga Flows

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Occupational Therapy, Activities, Gross Motor




These Yoga Flows are the perfect addition to your classroom or home routine! Completing these flows will allow your client or child to work on gross motor movement, proprioceptive and vestibular input, and mindful calm-down strategies.

Adjust to your client or child’s skill level by starting with the Beginner flow set and moving onto the Advanced flow set when mastered.

What’s Included?

  • Beginner Yoga Flow Set with… 
    • 6 levels with advancements 
    • 5 total movements with descriptions
  • Advanced Yoga Flow Set with…
    • 5 levels with advancements
    • 5 total movements with descriptions
  • The following movements / poses:
    • Tree
    • Rotating Planet
    • Waterfall
    • Child’s Pose
    • Lion’s Breath
    • Mountain
    • Bear Pose


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