Developing Verb Tense Picture Scenes: Irregular Past Tense

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Master verb tenses with this fun and easy-to-use material! This product features sequential images with fill-in-the-blank sentences for targeting future tense, present progressive tense, and irregular past tense. Each picture scene is clear and descriptive of the verb tense being targeted. This material is NO PRINT when used on a tablet device, making it quick and simple. 

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What’s Included?

16 developing verb tense picture scene cards. Each card features three sequential images and fill-in-the-blank sentences for the following verb tenses:

  • Future tense (e.g., They __ the juice (will drink). Accompanying image features two friends holding full cups of juice.)
  • Present progressive tense (e.g., They __ the juice (are drinking). Accompanying image features the friends drinking the juice.)
  • Irregular past tense (e.g., They __ the juice (drank). Accompanying image features the friends holding empty cups.)


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