Don’t Let Dressing be a Doozy! Illustrated Guide

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ABA Therapy, Handouts & Parent Resources, Occupational Therapy, Activities, Fine Motor, Special Education




This resource is a great guide for therapists and parents to understand the basics of early dressing/undressing skills for children ages 1-6. In this packet you will find a quick guide to typical dressing development, helpful tips and tricks, and illustrated instructions to help teach your child to dress!


What’s included:

  • Developmental milestones of self-dressing skills in children
  • Tips for how to support your child’s self-dressing skills
  • Recommended clothing items
  • Step by step instructions for how to teach your child to dress/undress
    • socks on, socks off, pants on, pants off, shirt on, shirt off, buttoning, unbuttoning, zipping on, unzipping, jacket


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