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This robust activity set is a comprehensive and fun way to target executive functioning in any occupational therapy session!

Executive functions are mental processes that help us regulate, control, and carry out tasks in everyday life. Use these activities to help develop executive functions such as inhibition, memory, attention, task initiation, flexibility, goal-directed behavior, metacognition, self-awareness, emotional control, sequencing, planning, prioritizing, and problem-solving.

In addition to targeting executive functions in an OT session, these activities are great for speech therapists to work on 1- and 2-step directions, social communication, synonyms and antonyms, categories, and many more language goals!

These activities may be best suited for children aged 5 years and up.

What’s Included?

Activities for targeting the following skill areas:

  • Response Inhibition
    • Activity 1: Can you name the Opposite? A Response Inhibition Challenge!
    • Activity 2: Do as I say, not as I do!
  • Working Memory
    • Activity 3: Memory Match
    • Activity 4: 10 Second Rule: A Categories Game!
  • Sequencing
    • Activity 5: Build Your Own Pizza!
  • Goal-orienting
    • Activity 6: How can we get there?
  • Planning and Prioritizing
    • Activity 7: Let’s Go! A Packing and Planning Game
  • Metacognition and Emotional Control
    • Activity 8: Dig Deeper!


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