Executive Functioning Recipes

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Target executive functioning while cooking simple recipes!

What is Executive Functioning?

Executive functioning skills are involved in goal-directed activities. They’re important because they allow children to regulate and complete tasks in all aspects of their lives. Not only does it apply to functional tasks such as being able to plan, remember, or organize tasks, but it also relies heavily on emotional regulation. Strong executive functioning skills can be recognized as impulse control, self monitoring and regulation, as well as the flexibility to move from one situation to another. Executive functioning skills also affect a child’s ability to concentrate and perform in academic settings, as well as their ability to act appropriately in social situations.

What’s Included?

  • An explanation on how to apply executive functioning skills to cooking
  • Easy Level Recipes, Medium Level Recipes, Hard Level Recipes
  • A section with snacks, healthy foods, and desserts
  • A total of 16 recipes!

Each recipe includes:

  • Written out instructions
  • Ingredients, utensils/appliances
  • Tips on how to simplify & upgrade
  • Illustrated step-by-step cards

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