Farm Fun: Plurals and Prepositions Practice

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Welcome to Farm Fun: Plurals and Prepositions Practice! This farm themed packet includes fun and interactive materials to target expressive and receptive language goals for regular plurals and basic prepositions using farm animals and simple vocabulary. 

What’s Included

  • Activity 1: Regular plurals (expressive and receptive) practice with singular and plural animal cutouts.
  • Activity 2: 12 Fill-in-the-blank cards to practice expressive use of plurals and the “s” sounds.
  • Activity 3: 48 Preposition cards with an instruction sheet to practice receptive and expressive understanding of prepositions.
  • Activity 4: 3 Visual scenes to practice targeting expressive understanding and receptive use of plurals and prepositions.
  • Additional Material: Sentence Strips & Cutouts
  • Additional Material: “S” Cue Card
  • Additional Material: “Preposition” Cue Cards

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