Farmers Market Shopping Spree

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Have your kiddos go on a grocery shopping spree with this fun and interactive activity!
This material is for practicing addition, understanding money concepts, and targeting spontaneous speech/words through play shopping.

What’s Included:

  • 6 Farm Stands
  • 3 Money Pages
  • 1 Addition Board


How to Prepare and Use:

  • Counting money
  1. Tell your client or child that they have a certain amount of money to spend (ex. $10), and give them the corresponding amount of printed play money. 
  2. Have your child determine how much produce they can buy with the amount of money that they have. Use the addition sheets to help them keep track of their math.
  3. Have your child or client practice verbally ordering the food that they came up with (ex. “May I please have 2 oranges, 1 tomato, and 3 onions?).
  4. OPTIONAL: To determine the amount of money to begin with, have your child roll 2 6-sided dice.
  • Buying specific produce 
  1. Give your child or client a “shopping list.” This can be written or verbal. Have them determine how much it would cost to purchase everything. Use the addition sheets to help them keep track of their math. 
  2. Similar to above, have your client or child verbally practice ordering the food once they’ve determined the sum.

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