Garden Harvest Robust Speech Therapy Activity Pack

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Welcome to the Garden Harvest Robust Activity Pack! This packet includes engaging activities to target receptive language, expressive language, and understanding of basic concepts.

What’s Included:

This package includes materials that can be used if you are targeting:

  • Activity 1: Answering WH- Questions: This activity targets receptive language through a series of WH-questions (e.g., what, where, who) corresponding to an action or character in the completed garden scene. The goal is to measure accuracy of identifying the target action or character.
  • Activity 2: Receptive Language Identification & Prepositional Concepts: This part targets words that indicate the relationships between the noun and another word in the phrase using an object to indicate the noun’s location.
  • Activity 3: Following 1 and 2 step Directions: This activity targets receptive language by using the non-completed ‘Garden Scene’ and character pictures to give either 1 or 2 step directions to the client to complete.
  • Activity 4: Possessive Adjectives and Pronouns: The client is provided with a visual scene of two blank characters (girl/boy dressed in overalls) and must identify where to put the object on the corresponding character to demonstrate an understanding of possessive adjectives.


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