Getting Into The Graduate Speech Program Of Your Dreams

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A Guide For Aspiring Speech-Language Pathologists

The purpose of this book is to offer an insight into the process of applying to graduate school. This book contains an overview of Karen’s personal experience in the field as well as the most helpful advice she has received from students, professors, and admission committee members.


  1. Getting Into The Graduate Speech Program Of Your Dreams
    5 out of 5

    I used this book to help me get all the information together that I needed prior to applying for graduate school. In addition, I used it during the application process as a guide. The timelines, strategies, and examples given throughout the guide were extremely useful during this process and aided in making it a little bit less stressful. The descriptions and examples of statements of purpose, personal statements, and personal essays were the most helpful in my opinion as it was confusing to navigate through the different types required in the various applications. Although I had my resume completed when I received the book, the list of resume action words in different categories such as education/child care, research, office/managerial, and awards/recognition enhanced my resume that extra bit that I felt was needed. Currently, I’m waiting for interviews and decisions from the schools I’ve applied. I have an interview this Thursday and I will definitely be referring to Chapter 12, How to Prepare for a School Interview, before I go. This book gives a lot of great resources such as, websites for GRE prep, resume tips, and scholarship resources, all of which were extremely helpful during the application process. Having all of this information in one book instead of scattered in all different resources helped give me an organized experience that wasn’t as stressful as it could’ve been if I didn’t have this resource. I definitely recommend buying this book as it has resources you can always use and/or pass on to another student. I will definitely post an update in the next few weeks as I find out the schools that I have been accepted to. Thank you Karen George for all your hard work and dedication that went into the making of this guide as it is a great resource for all future speech-language pathologists.

  2. Getting Into The Graduate Speech Program Of Your Dreams
    5 out of 5

    Karen, thank you thank You! I have found this resource to be exceptionally useful!! The information is from a perspective of a speech language pathologist who has been in the field for, if I remember correctly, ten years! So she has amazing insight on what it takes to be an SLP and to get into the grad school of your dreams. I highly recommend this book. I am so grateful my academic advisor recommended this book for me. Just such an amazing resource. I feel that this resource has really helped aid me in getting into grad school (I’ll find out in abt 6 months!)

  3. Getting Into The Graduate Speech Program Of Your Dreams
    5 out of 5

    Applying to grad school is stressful, especially when I didn’t have a mentor or any guidance. This book was insightful in many ways. I enjoyed all the resources listed in the book. It’s true that I can probably compile a list of my own but the list was very organized and thorough. I worry most about writing my personal statement for grad school so having a sample to look at was reassuring. I like how there is a summary at the end of each chapter, self reflection questions as well as action steps. I also really liked the direct quotes at the end of the book for “The Big Ideas Behind Program Admissions.” I don’t have access to people on the admissions committee so hearing what they have to say is very insightful.

  4. Getting Into The Graduate Speech Program Of Your Dreams
    5 out of 5

    I am an undergraduate student majoring in speech and hearing sciences. I purchased this book in hopes that it would help me in the process of getting ready to apply to graduate school for speech language pathology, and I have not been disappointed! The book has been an amazing tool in preparing for grad school. It is extremely specific and answered so many of my questions about grad school and how to best prepare. This guide also answered questions I didn’t even know I had! It is very well organized into chapters that each end with a summary, reflection questions, and action steps. I will definitely continue using this tool as I proceed with my applications.

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