Gross Motor Board Game: Zoo Explorers!

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Occupational Therapy, Activities, Gross Motor




Zoo Explorers is an engaging and interactive board game that helps children refine balance, endurance, muscular strength, and motor planning all while having fun!

What’s Included?

  • Game board for leading Sadie or Sebastian through the zoo
  • Character cutouts for tokens to move on the board
  • 1 deck of Yoga Pose Cards
  • 1 deck of Seek & Find Cards
  • 1 deck of Dynamic Movement Cards (Includes 1 and 2 Step Directions!)

How to Prepare and Use?

  • Print the game board, player cards, and die template (optional) on heavy cardstock or laminate for durability.
  • Follow the included instructions for preparing the player tokens and playing cards.
  • Two ways to play!
    • Practice color matching skills
      • First, shuffle the three decks together into one draw pile. Then, draw a card from the deck and move to the next space on the board with the corresponding color. (e.g., if you draw the yellow yoga pose ‘Cobra,’ move to the nearest yellow space on the game board.)
      • Complete the movement on the card using the “Therapist Cheat Sheet” on page 5 before drawing again!
    • Practice counting skills 
      • First, roll the dice and move the corresponding number of spaces. Then, once you have landed on a space, draw from the card pile of the corresponding color. (e.g., if you land on the color orange, draw a card from the orange deck). Complete the movement on the card using the “Therapist Cheat Sheet” instructions on page 5 before rolling again! 


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