Guess Who, What, Where & More! Game

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Speech Therapy, Activities, Language, Social Communication




Do you know the classic Guess Who game? This activity is created to play a similar game, but carefully designed to target receptive and expressive language skills! 

The Activity Covers Receptive and Expressive Language :

  • Answering: Who, What, Where (e.g., “Who is wearing a blue shirt?,” “What is the man holding?,” “Where is the lady with glasses?”) 
  • Asking: Who, What, Where 
  • Increasing the use of descriptors in child’s language (e.g., “the little boy”)
  • Increase receptive knowledge of spatial concepts (e.g., “the boy under the man with a mustache”) 


What’s Included:

  • Handouts for:
    1. Answering simple WH-questions 
    2. Asking simple WH-questions 
    3. Following directions using spatial concepts 
    4. Descriptors 
  • Game board
  • Game cards


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