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Occupational Therapy, Activities, Fine Motor, Visual Motor, Visual Perceptual




Have your kiddo play hair stylist with this fun and interactive material! Target fine motor and sorting skills by giving these characters a silly hair-do. This resource is a great base to be used with many materials.

How to Prepare and Use:

  1. Free Play: Use pasta, Play-Doh, pattern blocks, chipper chats, dot markers, pipe cleaners, or other material of your choice to create silly hair-dos.
  2. Guided Hairstyles: Give your child or client instructions to create hairstyles to practice following instructions. Some examples include:
      • Giving a number of items to make a hair style out of – ex. 6 pieces of pasta, 4 dots with the dot marker, 2 pipe cleaners, etc.
      • Hair styles based on shapes/colors – ex. Make a blue hairstyle with play-doh/chipper chats, make a hair style out of circles, use only triangle blocks to make a hair style.
      • Making a specific hairstyle – ex. Using play-doh to make a ponytail, using pattern blocks to make a mohawk, drawing pigtails, etc.

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