Handwriting BINGO: Pre-Writing Lines and Shapes

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Occupational Therapy, Activities, Fine Motor, Visual Motor, Visual Perceptual



Target pre-writing lines and shapes with this fun and engaging BINGO-style game! Unlike regular BINGO, each board has either 3×3 (beginner / intermediate) or 4×4 (advanced) rows and columns. The game ends when one player’s board has been completely filled up! This resource features 25 unique pre-writing lines and shapes as well as various levels of difficulty that are sure to suit the individual needs of your kiddo(s).

What’s Included?

  • “My BINGO Finds!” Boards for the child to draw the shape
    • One Beginner / Intermediate (3×3)
    • One Advanced (4×4)
  • 25 Pre-writing BINGO target cards for therapist use
    • 9 Beginner / Intermediate
    • 16 Advanced
    • Features both an image and a word
  • 3 Beginner/Intermediate BINGO boards (3×3, 9 items per board)
  • 3 Advanced BINGO boards (4×4, 16 items per board)


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