Intro to Climate Change for Kiddos: A Little Story

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Use this story with your client or child to help them understand what climate change is, as well as to manage the fear or anxiety they might have about the topic. This low-prep resource will help to simplify the topic for younger children.

This story includes 8 versions of the same story with different illustrations that show gender and ethnicities.

Some parts of the story:

  • Recently, I learned about something called climate change. Climate change is the word people use to say that our planet is getting warmer.
  • Climate change makes me feel… (Sad, scared, confused, normal, angry)
  • Many people are working together to stop climate change. Scientists, politicians, and people like me are trying to help the planet!
  • Some of the things that people are doing to stop climate change are…
    1. Passing laws to protect the environment
    2. Making new technology that’s better for the environment (electric cars, wind/solar farms)
    3. Protecting communities that are affected by climate change

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