Intro to Metaphors and Similes

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Metaphors and similes can be tricky concepts to grasp for the first time – use this jam-packed resource to help your kiddo enhance their language skills! This packet includes 7 different resources and activities suited for a wide range of age groups.

What’s Included:

  • 7 Resources

    • Metaphor and Simile definition posters (pages 3-4)

    • Find the Simile (page 5)

    • Find the Metaphor (page 6)

    • Metaphor vs Simile Activity (page 7)

    • Metaphor and Simile Writing Practice (pages 8-12)

    • Metaphor Meaning Match (page 13)

    • Rainbow Simile Activity (page 14)

How To Prepare and Use:

  1. Print desired pages. Laminate for long term use, if preferred.

  2. For the definition posters, hang in the classroom or use them as a resource during sessions.

  3. For the other activities, follow the given instructions and complete the chosen activity with your child or client.

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