Irregular Past Tense Flash Cards

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Speech Therapy, Activities, Language




This product features 42 irregular past tense verb flashcards. Each card is designed with an image on the front and text on the back. Cards may function as easy-to-use flashcards or as interactive games (e.g., Go Fish, Memory, etc.). Six blank cards are included at the end for clinicians or clients to write their own words.

Cards Included:

  • Ate Awake Bought Broke Built Caught Cut Drank Drew Drove
  • Dug Fed Flew Found Gave Grew Held Hid Hung Knelt Met
  • Left Lit Rang Ran Read Rode Said Sang Sank Saw Shook
  • Slept Spun Swam Swept Swing Taught Thought Took
  • Won Wore

How to Prepare?

  • Print double-sided and flip on the short edge
  • Laminate cards for long-term use
  • If using for Go Fish or Memory, print an extra set of cards using the instructions above.


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