Irregular Past Tense Volume 2: Past and Future Tense Card Decks

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These Past and Future Tense Card Decks are a simple, fun, LOW PREP activity to practice irregular past tense verbs! Each verb included has a pair of both a future tense card and an irregular past tense card.

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What’s Included?

  • 24 future tense sentence and picture cards
  • 24 irregular past tense sentence and picture cards

How to Prepare?

  • Print on heavy cardstockor laminate for durability.
  • Print double sided and flip on the long edge
  • Follow the easy cut lines to cut into individual cards

How to Use?

Tell your client or child to sort each card into the future tense deck or the past tense deck.Before moving onto the next card, practice the word by using the provided sentences and accompanying pictures (e.g., Last night I slept in a tent. Tonight, I will sleep in my bed).

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