Jamie’s Big Family (Short Story for Kiddos who have Siblings with Autism)

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Jamie’s Big Family is a short story for clients and children who have a sibling with autism. This book’s purpose is to create a positive outlook on their sibling’s situation, as well as affirm the feelings that they may have about their family.

The book is about Jamie, who has a big brother named Aiden. Aiden has autism. Jamie loves her brother, but sometimes she feels frustrated because of how his situation affects her family. However, Jamie remembers that even though she can feel frustrated sometimes, she loves her family and doesn’t want them to change.

You can print this book or use on your tablet to read the story.

“Even though she feels sad and frustrated sometimes, it doesn’t mean that they don’t love and care for each other.
In fact, they love and care for each other a lot! There are a lot of things about her family that Jamie loves.

And of course, Jamie loves to spend time with her brother. They’ll play together in her backyard, and color together in the kitchen.
He knows the names of every car on the road, so Jamie loves going on road trips with him, too.
Even though there are some things that make Jamie sad, there are many more things that make her happy.”  (some parts of the story)

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