Seasonal Board Game: Spring Land! Target Late 8 Across All Word Positions

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Speech Therapy, Activities, Articulation




Spring Land is an interactive board game that will leave your kiddos on the edge of their seats as the race to Mr. Bunny begins! This board game comes with materials to target production of all late 8 developing sounds (/l/, /r/, /s/, /z/, “sh,” “ch,” voiced “th,” and voiceless “th”) in initial, medial, and final position.

Want to test out this product? Check out TMV’s /s/ freebie! 

*Multiple examples of pre-vocalic and vocalic /r/ sounds are included.

What’s Included?

  • Spring Land game board
  • Playing cards targeting all Late 8 sounds across all word positions

You’ll Need:

  • Place holders for game board (dots, chips, etc.)

How to Use?

Uh oh! While taking a walk through Spring Land, Mr. Bunny lost his basket!
Encourage your clients to bring Mr. Bunny’s basket back to him by using their best speech. First, take turns picking a card from the deck. Then, practice the word on your card. Last, move to the spot on the game board that corresponds to the color of your card. The first person to bring the basket back to Mr. Bunny wins!


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