Let’s Have a Dance Party! (Flash Cards)

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Target gross motor, sequencing, motor planning, and attention goals at home or in therapy sessions while dancing! This activity features 17 different dance moves with detailed descriptions and graphics that make it easy to follow along. Also, learn how to incorporate sensory integration into the dance moves, as well as various ways to turn it into a fun game! 

What’s Included? 

  • 10 alerting dance moves (in pink)
  • 7 calming dance moves (in blue)
  • music suggestions


Variations for Incorporating Sensory Integration and/or Creating a Game

Any of these dance moves can be put together to make a “sequence”, or a short dance combination. This is a great way to make the activity more challenging and to work on motor planning and sequencing!  

  • To make this activity more of a game, play “freeze dance!” When the music plays, dance! When the music stops, freeze your body!
  • The pink dance moves are great for alerting or waking up the body. These can be performed with upbeat music.
  • The blue dance moves are great for calming the body. These can be performed with slow, soothing music. Deep breathing can also be incorporated  into these activities to add an extra calming component (breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth). 


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