Listening Comprehension WH- Questions

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TMV’s Listening Comprehension WH- Questions activity is an easy, engaging, LOW PREP tool for targeting WH- questions, scene description, and listening comprehension! 

Descriptive images matching each short story are provided to use as an aide in asking questions and understanding elements of the story. They are included as separate pages to use with or without the question cards.

What’s Included?

  • 10 unique short paragraph story cards
  • WH- Questions accompanying each paragraph card
  • Descriptive picture scenes for each paragraph

How to Prepare?

  • Print the paragraph cards. 
    • Begin by printing all odd pages 11-15. Then, place these cards into your printer tray with the images facing up.
  • Print the accompanying WH- Questions
    • Print all even pages 12-16. The backs of the cards should align with the paragraph cards.
  • Print on heavy cardstock or laminate for long-term use.
  • Refer to easy-cut lines to cut into individual cards.

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