Minimal Pairs Articulation Cards: Fronting and Backing Collection

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Speech Therapy, Activities, Articulation



This material contains cards contrasting alveolar consonants T and D with velar consonants K and G to allow clinicians to target the phonological processes “backing” and “fronting” in both the word-initial and word-final positions. This product is designed with 8 cards per page and includes accompanying images for each word targeted. Provided instructions offer both no print and low prep options as well as suggestions for customizing this material to your client or child’s goals and skill level.

What’s Included?

The following minimal pairs articulation cards:

  • 16 K/T: Initial position
  • 16 K/T: Final position
  • 16 G/D: Initial position
  • 8 G/D: Final position

*each card includes an accompanying image for each word

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