Multipurpose Language Activities: Verb, Preposition, and Pronoun Party Bundle!

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Who doesn’t love a party during speech therapy? Use this interactive party bundle to celebrate your client’s knowledge of verbs, prepositions, and pronouns!

What’s Included?

  • Instruction sheets for all activities and targeted items
  • Party-themed flashcards eliciting knowledge of present tense verbs and subject pronouns (he, she, they)
  • Party-themed background eliciting expressive use and receptive understanding of prepositions
  • Word icons that can be used for assistance as needed

How to Use?

If targeting verbs or prepositions, begin by presenting a flashcard to your client. Then, ask your client to fill-in-the-blank with the appropriate response.

If targeting prepositions, refer to the image of a party-themed background. Take turns producing phrases such as, “The boys are behind the cake.” Encourage your client to provide descriptions of other objects and children to practice a wide range of prepositions.


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