Pediatric Gross Motor Game Cards: 12 Cards Included

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This pediatric occupational therapy game collection features 12 of children’s favorite games to play! The games included are as follows:

  • Hide and Seek
  • Tag
  • Ring Around the Rosie
  • Duck Duck Goose
  • Row Your Boat
  • Simon Says
  • Red Light Green Light
  • Parachute Toss
  • Hop Scotch
  • Hokey Pokey
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Snake in the Grass

Cards are designed with helpful images on one side and descriptions on the other. These cards are ideal for use in a therapeutic preschool or kindergarten environment as well as in individual sessions for a warm-up, break, or reward!

How to Prepare?

Print double-sided beginning on page 2. Flip on the long edge. Cut and laminate for long-term use.


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