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Occupational Therapy, Activities, Fine Motor, Special Education




Teach your kiddo to write and properly address letters using this fun practice activity! Includes stationery, envelope, and stamps for coloring to target handwriting as well as fine motor skills.

What’s Included:

  • Envelope template
  • 4 different lined paper to write on
  • 12 colorable postage stamps

How to Prepare and Use:

  1. Print desired pages
  2. Have your kiddo write a letter to someone – it could be a friend, teacher, family member, or someone else!
  3. Teach them the correct way to address a letter. If they don’t know the addresses, provide fake ones for them to use. Write these on the provided spaces on the envelope template.
  4. Have them color in their preferred stamp and cut it out. Cut out the envelope template. 
  5. Fold the envelope on the dotted lines and glue, making sure there’s a pocket to place the letter in. Glue the stamp to the designated spot.
  6. Place the letter in the envelope, and seal shut with glue, a sticker, or tape! Have them deliver the letter to the recipient, if possible. 

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