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This huge phonological resource has over x cards that can be used in multiple activities with your kiddo. These CVC vocab words can target matching, memory, rhyming, and onset/rime.

What’s Included:

  • 174 Cards (87 cards with illustrations, 87 cards with words)

How to Prepare and Use: 
There are many different ways to use this resource! Listed below are some suggested activities:

  • Matching

    1. Lay out the cards on the table (you can choose specific rhymes/imagery/words based on your kiddo’s goals). Have your kiddo match the word cards to the correct picture cards.

  • Memory Matching Game

    1. Choose 4 word cards and their corresponding pictures. Arrange randomly in a square, and place face down on the table.

    2. Have your kiddo choose two cards at a time to flip face-up. When they match the image to the correct word, keep the cards facing up. Continue until all words have been matched to their photo.

  • Sound Sorting Game

    1. Do this activity with either only word cards or only picture cards. Place cards in front of your kiddo (the number/type is your preference). Have them sort the cards based on the following: Rhyming Words and Start/end with the same sound (ex. Cat, Car, Cab/Van, Fan, Man).

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