Positive and Negative Self-Talk: Inner Sun vs. Inner Shadow

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What is self-talk? Self talk are the thoughts that we say to ourselves on a daily basis; “I’m so bad at parallel parking! or “I did really well on that test!” Self-talk can be positive or negative. They can be useful to support ourselves and encourage ourselves, but can be hurtful when they are critical or mean. For some children, negative self-talk can outweigh the positive self-talk and lead to a negative self image.

In this activity, the “Inner Sun” represents positive self-talk. Positive self-talk are things we tell ourselves to support ourselves when something is hard or socially challenging; like “I’m doing my best” or “my friends like me.” We are our own inner coach and these positive thoughts help us lift ourselves up and encourage ourselves. The “Inner Shadow” represents negative self-talk which are things we tell ourselves that can undermine our self-confidence and make us feel bad about ourselves. This activity will help kids sort their self-talk thoughts by identifying what is good self-talk and what is negative self-talk. This will help them overcome their inner critic by visually seeing the abundance of positive self-talk examples and discussing how these statements lead to positive engagements in everyday life.

This activity also helps develop pre-writing and writing skills by tracing the shape of the sun and shadow and using the lines in each circle to write a few examples of each type of talk. Blank slots are available for parents/teachers to have a space to write in thoughts that are specific to the child they are working with.

How to Use?

Print, cut out, laminate, and use velcro dots for each thought. Refer to the blank pages to target pre-writing and writing skills. A “Challenge” page is included for additional understanding of the differences between positive and negative self talk.


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