Positive Self Talk Affirmation Cards

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Positive self talk affirmation cards are intended to increase a child’s self confidence, self awareness, and social emotional skills. Affirmations can be used at home, in therapy sessions, and in the classroom to start a conversation with your child about their many strengths!

This activity can increase your child’s awareness of their skills and abilities, inspiring them to overcome challenges. There are many ways these affirmations can be used!


What’s Included?
20 Cards with affirmation sentences.
4 Blank cards. You can come up with your child’s own personal affirmations with the customizable cards. This may include a particular challenge that they have overcome, specific life roles, and your child’s unique strengths.


Make a fun game out of picking a card from the pile and discussing it. Allow your child to think up some examples of how they have demonstrated each strength. For example, your child showing that “I can work hard” when persisting during therapeutic activities. Each time you catch them demonstrating a skill, you can pair it with their affirmation to create a strong positive association to enhance independence and self advocacy skills. This is a great way to start a therapy session on a positive and confident note!


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    This is exactly what I wanted to start positive affirmations with my young students! The visuals are perfect!

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