Possessive ‘s Practice: Cookie Jar Activity

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Speech Therapy, Activities, Language



This fun and interactive therapy material is designed to help children achieve mastery of the possessive ‘s. Four characters (e.g., astronaut, princess, puppy, and teacher) are included with accompanying cookies and corresponding images. For example, the astronaut’s cookie jar should be filled with cookies with images of a star, spaceship, moon, etc. As you fill each character’s cookie jar, model the possessive ‘s in sentences such as, “This is the astronaut’s star!” and “This is the puppy’s food.” Encourage your client to do the same until all of the cookie jars are full!

This activity may also double as a categorization activity where children are required to match images with their corresponding characters.

What’s Included?

  • Instruction Sheet
  • 4 pages of characters and cookie jars
  • 2 pages of cookies with accompanying images


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