Practice Prepositions and Following Directions: Backpack Activity

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This activity will have you and your clients “packing in” all the fun during speech therapy!

Prep Time: ~10 – 12 minutes

How Can This Activity Be Interactive?

Cut two holes in the “pockets” of the backpack. On the back, use velcro to attach two plastic baggies that enable you and your clients to put items “in” the backpack. Read the prompt sheets (or create your own!) and encourage your client to demonstrate knowledge of prepositions and understanding of two-step directions!

Example Prompts:

1. Two-Step Directions: First, show me something you eat. Then, pack it in the backpack.

2. Prepositions: Put the orange crayon below the backpack on top of the school bus.

What Will I Find Inside?

  • Instruction sheets for two-step directions and prepositions
  • Prompt sheets for two-step directions and prepositions
  • Backpack image
  • School Icons


  1. 5 out of 5

    This activity was incredible for prepositions! The multiple places to put items in the backpack was so creative and engaging. This was also such a great back to school activity, and preptime was so short!

  2. 5 out of 5

    I love how interactive this activity is! Very creative, easy to assemble, and functional.

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