Practicing Irregular Past Tense Volume 1: Consequence Cards

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Therapy Materials Vault’s Irregular Past Tense Consequence Cards are a simple and engaging way to practice irregular past tense!

Use the action image mats and the consequence cards to ask your client or child, “What happened?” for each scene. Target irregular past tense, pronouns, scene descriptions, labeling actions, and more!

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What’s Included?

  • 20 action image mats
  • 20 matching irregular past tense consequence cards

How to Prepare?

  • Print on heavy cardstock or laminate for durability.
  • Print the action image mats (pages 3-12) single sided and set aside.
  • Print the consequence cards (pages 13-20) double sided. Flip on the long edge.
  • Follow the easy cut lines to cut into individual cards.

How to Use?

Tell your client or child to pick which consequence image goes with each action image on the mats. Once they have the pictures in the right pairing, ask them, “What happened?” Wait to move to the next picture pairing until they have responded with the correct irregular past tense answer (e.g., “He fell down”).


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