Problem Solving Practice: What is a Problem and How Big is My Problem?

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Problem-solving is an important skill for children to develop in order to make strides towards independence. TMV’s “What is a Problem and How Big is My Problem?” activity helps children determine both if something is a problem, and if a problem they encounter is something they can solve by themselves or if they need additional levels of help.

How to Prepare and Use?

  1. Print and cut out the prompt cards on page 6 and help your client or child sort them in the “Problem/Not a Problem” t-chart found on page 4.
  2. After sorting these cards, work together to determine if each problem is an Elephant-sized (big), Monkey-sized (medium), or Mouse-sized (small) problem. Explain that Elephant-sized problems require help from a community member, Monkey-sized problems require help from a parent, and Mouse-sized problems can be solved by the child themself.
  3. For the determined Mouse-sized problems, go over the strategies on page 3 with your client or child to choose which ones work best.


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