Seasonal Tracing Worksheets Volume 1 Bundle: Vertical, Horizontal, and Diagonal Lines

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Occupational Therapy, Activities, Fine Motor, Visual Motor, Visual Perceptual
Seasonal Activities, Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter




Target fine motor, visual motor, and pre-writing skills with this collection of seasonal tracing worksheets! This collection features worksheets of all four seasons for tracing vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines. Lines range from 1 inch to 8 inches in length, and vary from thick, long dashed lines to thin, short dashed lines. The pages are arranged in order of difficulty level, from easiest to hardest. This material is a must-have for any occupational therapist!

Just looking for one line type? Check out our vertical lines, horizontal lines, and diagonal lines collections!

What’s Included?

  • 144 pages of seasonal tracing worksheets for vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines
    • 36 Spring
    • 36 Summer
    • 36 Fall
    • 36 Winter
  • Each season features long, medium, and short lines


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