Social Story: I Can Accept Help!

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ABA Therapy, Activities, Special Education
Social Stories




This social story can be used for kiddos who have trouble accepting help to perform daily tasks or chores. It teaches that it’s okay to accept help, and that they are still capable of so many things regardless of needing extra support sometimes! To cover all of your kiddos- we have included a total of 8 different versions of illustrations to show different ethnicities and genders.

Some parts of the story:

  1. Sometimes, I have trouble doing things by myself. When this happens, my parents or my teacher might help me!
  2. Some things that can be difficult are… (Getting dressed, getting a plate/bowl/utensil/ cup for meals, getting ready for school, someone doing something different than the way we wanted, setting up toys, putting things away or closing things)
  3. Even though these things are difficult, I want to do them by myself. 
  4. When an adult helps me to do ____, it means that they want me to succeed. I will say thank you when they help me!



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