Social Story: I Can Be a Good Friend!

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I Can be a Good Friend! is a social story on helping children understand that everyone is different, yet the same on a deeper level. Start a conversation with your child on what it means to be a good friend.

You can customize the social story by adding the names and age of your child, and by including or excluding certain pages fit the needs of each child. This story includes 3 girl versions and 3 boy versions.

“My name is __ and I am __ years old.
My family and I live in __ and are from __.

Our world is made up of many different countries and people.
Just like my country and I are important, all other countries and other people are important too.

Some of the countries that I know are __.
Every person is different. We look different, we like different toys, and we like to do different things.” (some text from the social story)

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