Social Story: I Can Brush My Hair!

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ABA Therapy, Activities
Social Stories




Use this social story to help your client or child learn to brush their own hair.  This sensory experience can often feel confusing and upsetting. With explanations and descriptive images of what to expect and how they might feel, this social story will help clients and family members alike to feel prepared and at ease.


Some text from the book:

  1. My name is______ and I am ____ years old.
  2. I have hair on my head! My Hair is _____ (color) and _____ (long/ short/ medium length). 
  3. My hair gets tangled sometimes. I need to brush it to have nice hair!
  4. Brushing my hair helps me stay clean and healthy.
  5. Brushing my hair makes me feel… (excited/ scared/ calm/ nervous/ confused/ sad)

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