Social Story: I Can Enjoy the Weather!

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ABA Therapy, Activities, Special Education
Seasonal Activities, Social Stories




This social story is intended for kiddos who have difficulty experiencing changes in the weather, as well as who have a fear of storms. It provides strategies to feel comfortable in different weather, and affirmation that their feelings are normal. This social story includes illustrations of 4 different ethnicities for each girl and boy versions.

Some parts of the story:

  1. My name is ____ and I am __ years old.
  2. I love to play outside! Some things that I like to do outside are… (draw with chalk, play catch, go to the playground, ride my bike)
  3. I love to play outside when it is sunny. However, there are a lot of days when it is not sunny!
  4. Sometimes, the weather is… (rainy, stormy, snowy, cold, hot, cloudy, windy)
  5. When the weather is _____, I feel… (scared, angry, confused, excited, normal, sad)
  6. Some things I can do to feel comfortable are… (wear a raincoat, wear a hat/mittens, bring an umbrella, wear snow or rain boots).



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