Social Story: I Can Feel Different Weather!

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ABA Therapy, Activities, Special Education
Seasonal Activities, Social Stories




Different temperature changes can feel uncomfortable, especially when you’re not used to them. This social story is intended to be used to introduce your kiddo to the idea that it’s okay to feel different temperatures, and that there are ways to avoid feeling uncomfortable. This social story includes illustrations of 4 different ethnicities- for both girl and boy versions.

Some parts of the story:

  1. I love to play outside! Some things that I like to do outside are… (draw with chalk, play catch, go to the playground, ride my bike)
  2. Sometimes, the weather is different than normal. When this happens, I feel… (scared, angry, confused, excited, normal, sad)
  3. It’s okay to feel ____! A lot of people feel the same way.
  4. When it’s hot and sunny, I feel sweaty and thirsty. That’s normal! When this happens, I can sit in the shade and drink water. 


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