Social Story: I Can Get a Covid-19 Test!

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Use this social story to help your client or child prepare to receive a COVID-19 test, and to understand why it’s important to get one sometimes. Start a conversation with your client or child about what happens when you get tested for COVID-19. This social story includes 6 different illustrations to show 3 different ethnicities, and a girl and boy version for each ethnicity.

How to Prepare:

  • For NO PRINT, use on a tablet device.
  • For LOW PREP, print pages single sided. Use heavy cardstock or laminate for long-term use (optional).
  • Cut each page in half along the dotted line and bind into a booklet (optional).


Some context from the text:

  1. My family and I will go to a testing center to get a COVID-19 test.
  2. There, my parents will enter my information and I will wait till it’s my turn.
  3. Then, when it is my turn, I will sit in a chair.
  4. Then, a nurse will come up to me and give me a testing kit.

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