Social Story: I Can Go Potty!

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I Can Go Potty! is for clients and children who are in the process of potty training. This change from using diapers to using the potty may be confusing and stressful at first, but this social story will help families go through this process in ease. 

This social story can be customized to fit the needs of each child by including or excluding certain pages depending on their needs and age. 3 girl versions and 3 boy versions included.

“My name is __ and I am __ years old.
When I was a baby, I needed a diaper to go potty.
Now, I am a big __ and I wear my underwear!

I might feel __ about this now, but it will become easier really soon!
If I need help, I can always call for mom and dad” (text from the story)

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